Elements of Hawaiian Grammar

  1. Orthoepy (Orthography and Pronunciation)
  2. Etymology Summary
  3. Nouns
    1. Noun Gender
    2. Noun Number
  4. Prepositions
    1. A and O (Possessives)
    2. Ka and Ko
    3. Na and No
    4. I, Ia and Io
    5. Vocative Case
  5. Articles
    1. Indefinite Article
    2. Definite Article
    3. O Emphatic
  6. Adjectives
  7. Numerals
    1. Cardinal Numbers
    2. Ordinal and Distributive Numbers
    3. Fractions
  8. Pronouns
    1. Personal Pronouns
    2. Possessive Pronouns
    3. Demonstrative Pronouns
    4. Interrogative Pronouns
    5. Indefinite Pronouns
  9. Verbs
    1. Tense Signs and Imperative Particles
    2. Particles Ana and No
    3. Passive Voice
    4. Causative Form
    5. Verbal Directives
    6. Relative Particle Ai
  10. Adverbs
  11. Compound Preposition
  12. Conjunctions
  13. Interjections
  14. Formation of Words
  15. Simple Sentences
    1. Composition
    2. Subject
      1. Negative Sentences
      2. Emphatic Adverbial Phrases
      3. Nominative Absolute
      4. Attribute or Adjective Element
      5. Attributive Adjectives
      6. Adjectives Used as Nouns and Vice Versa
      7. Articles
    3. Predicate
      1. To Be
      2. Predicate Adjective
      3. Verbs
      4. Verbal Nouns
      5. Verb as Adjective
      6. Infinitive
      7. Object
      8. Predicate Nouns
      9. Adverbs
      10. Prepositions
      11. Possessive Construction
        1. To Have
      12. Na
  16. Interrogative Sentences
  17. Complex and Compound Sentences
    1. Dependent Clause as Subject
    2. Relative of Adjective Clause
      1. When Relative is Subject of Clause
      2. When Relative is Object of Clause
      3. Wen Relative is in Possessive Case or Governed by Preposition
    3. Adverbial Clauses
      1. Adverbial Clauses of Time
      2. Final Clauses
      3. Correspondence or Comparison Clauses
      4. Cause or Reason Clauses
      5. Conditional Clauses
      6. Objective Clause

Orthoepy (Orthography and Pronunciation)

Etymology Summary


Noun Gender

Noun Number


A and O (Possessives)

Ka and Ko

Na and No

I, Ia and Io

Vocative Case


Indefinite Article

Definite Article

O Emphatic



Cardinal Numbers

Ordinal and Distributive Numbers



Personal Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns


Tense Signs and Imperative Particles

Particles Ana and No

Passive Voice

Causative Form

Verbal Directives

Relative Particle Ai


Compound Preposition



Formation of Words

Simple Sentences



Negative Sentences

Emphatic Adverbial Phrases

Nominative Absolute

Attribute or Adjective Element

Attributive Adjectives

Adjectives Used as Nouns and Vice Versa



To Be

Predicate Adjective


Verbal Nouns

Verb as Adjective



Predicate Nouns



Possessive Construction

To Have


Interrogative Sentences

Complex and Compound Sentences

Dependent Clause as Subject

Relative of Adjective Clause

When Relative is Subject of Clause

When Relative is Object of Clause

Wen Relative is in Possessive Case or Governed by Preposition

Adverbial Clauses

Adverbial Clauses of Time

Final Clauses

Correspondence or Comparison Clauses

Cause or Reason Clauses

Conditional Clauses

Objective Clauses