Elements of Hawaiian Grammar

  1. Orthography
  2. Vowels
  3. Hawaiian Consonants
  4. Foreign Consonants
  5. Dipthongs
  6. Etymology
    1. Etymology Definition
    2. O Emphatic
    3. The Articles Generally
    4. Definite Articles ka and ke
    5. Semidefinite Articles
    6. Indefinite Articles
    7. Plural Article
  7. Simple Prepositions
  8. Nouns
    1. Proper and Common
    2. Abstract and Concrete
  9. Person
  10. Number
    1. Nouns Having Three Numbers
    2. Signs of Dual and Plural
  11. Gender
    1. No Neuter Gender
    2. Specific Words for Genders
  12. Declension of Nouns
    1. Case
    2. Ten Cases
    3. Common Nouns
    4. Name of a Place
    5. Plurals with Mau and Poe
    6. Name of a Person
  13. Adjectives
    1. Classes of Adjectives
    2. Place of Adjectives in the Sentence
    3. Division of Adjectives
    4. He and Ua before Adjectives
    5. Nouns Turned into Adjectives
    6. Adjectives Used as Nouns
    7. Three Degrees of Comparison
    8. Comparative Sub-divided
    9. Numeral Adjectives
  14. Pronouns
    1. Classes - Person and Number
    2. Personal Pronouns
    3. First Person
    4. First Person Dual
    5. First Person Plural
    6. Second Person Singular
    7. Declension of Second Person
    8. Third Person Singular
    9. Third Person Dual
    10. Third Person Plural
    11. Hai
    12. Pronouns Modifying Verbs
    13. Pronouns with the Idea of Verbs
    14. Prefix Pronouns
    15. First Class
    16. Second Class
    17. Relative Pronouns
    18. Interrogative Pronouns
    19. Interrogatives Aha and Hea

  15. Compound Prepositions
  16. Adverbs
    1. Three Classes
    2. Second Class Declines
  17. Conjunctions
  18. Interjections
  19. Verbs
    1. No Verb of Existence
    2. Expressing Existence, Possessing, Etc
    3. No Auxiliary Verbs
    4. No Variation of Verb Itself
    5. Four Accidents of the Verb (Person, Number, Mood and Tense0
    6. Person - Number
    7. Double First Persons, Dual and Plural
  20. Mood
  21. Tense
    1. Root of a Verb
  22. Indicative Mood, Preterite Tenses
    1. Present Tense (Five Forms)
    2. Future Tense (Two Forms)
  23. Imperative Mood
  24. Subjunctive Mood
    1. Preterite (Four Forms)
    2. Present
    3. Future
  25. Infinitive Mood
  26. Participles
    1. Present, Preterite, Gerund
    2. First Conjunctions
  27. Conjugation
  28. Compound Verbs
    1. Anomalous Verb Loaʻa

  29. Verbal Directives
    1. Directives
    2. The Syllable La
    3. The Syllable Ai



Hawaiian Consonants

Foreign Consonants



Etymology Definition

O Emphatic

The Articles Generally

Definite Articles ka and ke

Semidefinite Articles

Indefinite Articles

Plural Article

Simple Prepositions


Proper and Common

Abstract and Concrete



Nouns Having Three Numbers

Signs of Dual and Plural


No Neuter Gender

Specific Words for Genders

Declension of Nouns


Ten Cases

Common Nouns

Name of a Place

Plurals with Mau and Poe

Name of a Person


Classes of Adjectives

Place of Adjectives in the Sentence

Division of Adjectives

He and Ua before Adjectives

Nouns Turned into Adjectives

Adjectives Used as Nouns

Three Degrees of Comparison

Comparative Sub-divided

Numeral Adjectives


Classes - Person and Number

Personal Pronouns

First Person

First Person Dual

First Person Plural

Second Person Singular

Declension of Second Person

Third Person Singular

Third Person Dual

Third Person Plural


Pronouns Modifying Verbs

Pronouns with the Idea of Verbs

Prefix Pronouns

First Class

Second Class

Relative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogatives Aha and Hea

Compound Prepositions


Three Classes

Second Class Declines




No Verb of Existence

Expressing Existence, Possessing, Etc

No Auxiliary Verbs

No Variation of Verb Itself

Four Accidents of the Verb (Person, Number, Mood and Tense0

Person - Number

Double First Persons, Dual and Plural



Root of a Verb

Indicative Mood, Preterite Tenses

Present Tense (Five Forms)

Future Tense (Two Forms)

Imperative Mood

Subjunctive Mood

Preterite (Four Forms)



Infinitive Mood


Present, Preterite, Gerund

First Conjunctions


Compound Verbs

Anomalous Verb Loaʻa

Verbal Directives


The Syllable La

The Syllable Ai